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PINES Main 游学体验 – Power ESL

Name: Chihiro Yoshida
Course: Power ESL

Hi, my name is Chihiro Yoshida and I am 22 years old. After finishing my study here in Pines Academy, I will be a 4th year student this coming April. I am staying in the 4-bedroom and my course is Power ESL.

I do not really know about other academies in Baguio, however I think Pines Academy is unique compared with other academies. It has two different campuses: Main Campus and Advance Campus. If you get a high score in the level test, you will transfer to the campus for advanced students, and it is a good motivation to study harder. Pines Academy is located in Baguio city, and it is safer compared with other places in the Philippines. The climate is also comfortable. Baguio has nice environment for focusing in studying English.

As I mentioned a while ago, I am taking the Power ESL course. This course has a total of 8 classes which are composed of 4 hours of 4:1 classes and 4 hours of 1:1 classes. I enjoy listening class the most among all of my classes, because I can easily notice my improvement in listening. In the listening class, we have Song Dictation once a week. I can say that this is my favorite part.

Who is your favorite teacher?

I like my teacher in the group class. He is very funny and sometimes he tells jokes, and he is very considerate in terms of student’s individuality. He approaches each student by considering their personality, so I am able to enjoy my class.

What is your best experience in Baguio or in Pines Academy?

I have been worried about my improvement while I am studying for 3 months. However, recently I encountered some comments that I could speak English without thinking for a long time, and I could properly understand what people are saying. Those moments were so impressing for me.

Do you have any message for the people planning to study in Pines?

I am shy and I barely approach people to talk. However, teachers in Pines Academy are so friendly and they talk to me cheerfully. So I could really enjoy studying English in Pines Academy. I highly recommend you to stay in a sextuple room, because staying in a sextuple room has higher chance to communicate with other nationals than staying in single room or double room. Sometimes it is difficult to live with other people, but putting yourself in the environment wherein you need to use English is very good opportunity to improve your English skills.




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