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I have been studying in philinter for almost three months and to be honest,
the Co-Curricular program is my most favorite activity in school even though only occurs every friday afternoon.


I think I can improve a lot in my English skills through this weekly structure.
First of all, Co-Curricular helps me apply the lessons from my classes through the practical situations like flight booking, social role play or talk show.


I am very fond of the talk show program because it is super exciting and useful. with the role of being the host in the show, i can develop not only management skills but also my confidence in talking in front of the audience
which are valuable factors for my working life.


Moreover, the program gives me a chance to make new friends. everytime we meet with the group,it requires five or six students working together to compete with the other groups. as a result we have to became a solid team if we want to win awards and recognition.


In brief, I hightly appreciate Philinter and my dedicated teachers who assist me to improve my communication abilites. I bet you will enjoy the Co-Curricular programs like I do.